image of hiker on cliff with the words "your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag Invest in yourself

Course Overview

  • Health will include comprehensive lessons in the following units: Nutrition & Fitness, Addiction, Mental Health, Communicable & Lifestyle Diseases, and Reproductive Health.

    Course Learning Outcomes

    • To understand the importance of a balanced diet
    • To describe the relationship between unhealthy eating and lifestyle disease
    • Evaluate the importance of physical activity
    • To understand how drug use leads to addiction
    • To evaluate how alcohol and tobacco are detrimental to one’s body and overall health
    • To understand how prescription and nonprescription drugs lead to addiction
    • To be able to assess one’s personal goals and time management skills
    • Practice effective communication skills
    • Effectively deal and cope with life’s stressors
    • Recognize signs  and symptoms of depression and suicide
    • To be able to implement first-aid and CPR
    • To understand signs and symptoms of common diseases
    • Evaluate controllable and uncontrollable risk factors of contracting diseases
    • To assess the effectiveness of condoms and birth control
    • To understand fertility, conception, and pregnancy
    • Evaluate signs, symptoms and risk factors of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections   


    A detailed course log and all of my assignments and PowerPoints will be accessed through Google Classroom. Use the link below: