• January Speech: Animal Report

    Due Date: Thursday, January 30th


    The speech for January is an animal report presentation. Please choose a wild animal that you would like to know more about, & not one you are already an expert on. Have fun learning about a new animal!


    Animal Poster Assignment:

    *Research your wild animal using books or parent approved websites.

    *Fill out your poster carefully using correct spelling & neat writing.

    *Trace your writing using a black pen.

    *Draw & color pictures of your animal, its habitat, food, and an adaptation. (Use colored pencils or crayons & use realistic colors.)


    Animal Poster Presentation:

    *You will share your finished poster with the class on the due date.

    *You will read the poster to your classmates using the projector.

    *You need to practice presenting your poster at home.

    *Be sure you can pronounce each word & are well practiced with all sections of your poster.


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  • November/December Speech

    A Family Holiday Tradition    

    due: Tuesday, December 17th


    For this speech you will be speaking about a holiday OR winter family tradition.

    You will talk about one of the following ideas:


    A Holiday Item:

    Think about an item that your family uses in a holiday tradition (for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) This item should be important and meaningful to you. If it is possible you should bring this item to school to show as a visual aid for your speech. If you cannot bring the item, a photograph or a beautifully drawn picture would be OK.


    An Activity:

    This could be a family activity that your family does each year for the holidays, such as making traditional recipes, special religious activities, baking special treats, or getting your Christmas tree, etc. You need to bring in a photograph, beautifully drawn picture, or item that represents this activity.


    During the MEMORIZED SPEECH, you should:

    1) State what the tradition is and why you chose it. 

    2) State where the tradition occurs or when the item is used.

    3) Give a description and several details about the tradition.

    4) Share the visual aid during the speech.

    5) End the speech with a closing statement.



  • Grandparent Speech    

    due: Thursday, September 26th


    National Grandparents Day is in September. In order to help celebrate this day & honor our grandparents, the first speech of the year will be about a grandparent. You are to choose 1 of your grandparents to talk about for your speech. If possible, you may want to interview your grandparent (ask them questions) to help gather information for you speech. Use the following guide to help you write your speech. 

    You may use this list of questions to help you interview your grandparent. You may write about all the questions or only choose a few. 

    1) When and where were you born?

    2) Where did you grow up?

    3) What was your favorite toy as a child?

    4) What was your favorite thing to do as a child?

    5) What was your favorite childhood memory?

    6) How many brothers & sisters do you have?

    7) What was/is your job as an adult?

    8) Is there anything special or interesting about your life that you would like to share?


    The next set of questions are for you. You should use at least one of these in your speech.

    1) What do you like to do with this grandparent?

    2) What is a special memory you have about this grandparent?


    Your speech should be at least 5 sentences.

    You need to include a picture (at least one) to show the class. This can be hand drawn or a photograph.

    Practice this speech lots before your presentation to the class. It does NOT have to be memorized.