• “Star of the Week” is a weekly recognition program for students. This program provides us with the opportunity to get to know our classmates better & to build a friendly classroom community. Each student will have the chance to be “Star of the Week” for one week.

    “Star of the Week” activities:

    1. On the Friday before each student’s “Star of the Week” week, he/she will bring home our class mascot. The student will get to “entertain” our mascot for the entire week – bringing it back to school on Friday morning. There will be a journal in the bag with the mascot. Please write about your time with our mascot & be ready to read part of it to us on Friday. *I hope you treat our mascot with respect & love it!! His name is Sunny.
    2. Each student will share his/her “All About Me!” poster with the class on Monday afternoon. The class will get a chance to ask the “Star of the Week” some questions about their poster.
    3. Each student creates a “Packed Personality” – placing up to 5 items that describe the student or items that are special to him/her in a backpack, suitcase, or basket. These items can include family photos, sports awards, collections, etc. The Packed Personality should be brought to class on Wednesday. One item may be passed around for all to see.
    4. Each student fills the “Estimating Jar” – Your child should count the items to be placed in the Estimating Jar and write down the number on a secret piece of paper and give it to me. The items can be anything –> candy, buttons, rocks, spools of thread, etc. {*If your child brings candy, please make sure the candy is individually wrapped so that your child can then share it with the class at the end of the week.} The Estimating Jar items should be brought to class in a big baggie on Thursday {*I will not send home the jar itself}.
    5. On Friday morning, I would like to invite a family member to come in and read a story to the class. Your “Star” will delight in having you read one of his/her favorite picture books to the class. This will begin at 8:45, so please come to class with your child at 8:30 or at least be in Room 27 by 8:45. Let me know if you will not be able to come, and I will read the story to the class for you or your student can read the book. The students will be interviewing both you & the “Star,” so be prepared to answer some pretty silly &/or interesting questions. Please plan to stay until about 9:15, then we will write letters to the “Star of the Week” to bring home. 

  • “Star of the Week” Weeks

    Aug. 26-30 ~ Mrs. H.

    Sept. 3-6* ~

    Sept. 9-13 ~ Ryan

    Sept. 16-20 ~ Sofia

    Sept. 23-27 ~ Annika


    Oct. 7-11 ~ Samantha

    Oct. 14-18 ~ Tzu-Ting

    Oct. 21-25 ~ Kylie

    Oct. 28-Nov.1 ~ 

    Nov. 4-8 ~ Sophia

    Nov. 12-15* ~ Jude

    Nov. 18-22 ~ Evan

    Dec. 2-6 ~ Joshua P.

    Dec. 9-13 ~ Adithi


    Jan. 6-10 ~ Aalea

    Jan. 13-17 ~ Paityn

    Jan. 21-24* ~

    Jan. 27-31 ~ Landon

    Feb. 3-7 ~ Om

    Feb. 10-14 ~ Paxton

    Feb. 18-21* ~ 


    Mar. 2-6 ~ Derek

    Mar. 9-13 ~ Ashlin

    Mar. 16-20 ~ Joshua F.

    Mar. 23-27 ~ Fern

    Mar. 30- Apr. 3 ~ Paul

    Apr. 14-17* ~ 

    Apr. 20-24 ~ Brody

    Apr. 27- May 1 ~ Annabelle

    May 4-8 ~ Jamir

    May 11-15 ~ Brock

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