Valet Procedures

  • Valet Program

    In both the front of our school on Jackson Avenue and in the parking lot in front of the Media Center, we offer student drop off.  Drivers drive up as far to the front as possible and let the student out on the curbside.  A student valet (safety patrol) may be there to open the car door and assist the younger students out of the car. This area is a no parking zone so we can keep the traffic moving. If you need to get out of the car to walk your Kindergarten student, parking is in our parking lot at the opposite end of our campus.  If you need to come to the office, we need you to park in the parking lot as well. 

    The Valet/Safety Patrol program consists of 4th and 5th grade students who volunteer their time to help with the safety of younger Jackson Avenue Elementary School students in the morning.  Safety patrol remains curbside and on campus at all times. There will always be a yard supervisor supervising the students, wearing an orange vest.