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  • 1/8/20  During the 11th Tri-m meeting, we arranged everyone into their seating for the concert piece and then played it for everyone to get an idea of what it sounded like. 

    12/12/19  During the 10th Tri-m meeting, we confirmed who was on the planning committee for the social, and then we handed out the parts for the piece of concert music to everyone who had previously said they were going to play.

    12/5/19  During the ninth Tri-m meeting, we planned our second social and decided it will be at school before Winter break. During the social, we will hold a White Elephant gift exchange ($10 maximum) and then watch Elf afterwards. Everyone bring food, just like the previous social. 

    11/22/19 First Tri-M social of the year.

    11/21/19  During the eighth Tri-m meeting, we collected the remaining application slips and then began discussing new ideas for things to do in Tri-m besides Socials. We came up with the idea to possibly play a combined band and orchestra piece during Tri-m. Everyone agreed that it would be a good idea, and we plan on playing a Harry Potter piece if we follow through. 

    11/14/19  We talked about minions and how some were not showing up. We counted the people who were sure that they were coming to the social. Ashton Marr is also joining the party committee. We started talking about the solo and ensemble festival. Then we went back to talking about the minions and how the mentors teach them. Next meeting we need to discuss renewing our Tri-M charter.                               

    11/7/19  We decided to extend the deadline of the Tri-M application forms to November 22, 2019. We then welcomed the new member Joy. We voted on whether we wanted two socials, and two socials won. We are going to do a game night first and then do the white elephant. We decided to make a planning committee. The planning committee chair is Chris. People of the planning committee is Harshdeep, Navika, Sujay, Ryan, Alex, and Yeonjun. We discussed food and how there is only store-bought food. All the food will be finger food. We decided to do the game night on Friday. We are doing the social from 5:00 – 9:00.

    10/30/19  No meeting today due to Halloween activities during lunch.

    10/23/19  At the start of the fifth Tri-m meeting, mentoring slips from some new students were handed out, which meant that all the students who wanted a mentor got one. Afterward, Tri-M applications slips were collected from those who filled them out. Finally, we started planning our first social and decided it would be a game night held at Christensen. No further details were determined.

    10/16/19  During the fourth Tri-M meeting, mentoring slips were handed out and all but two sixth-graders got a mentor. Applications for Tri-M membership were also handed out, and the President and Vice President explained how they worked. After that, we were dismissed.

    10/19/19  Elections for Secretary, Historian, and Treasurer were held.  All positions are now filled.

    Beginning of 2019/2020 Tri-M session.

    End of 2018-2019 Tri-M session.

    Tri-M information provided by chapter historian Z.S.

    2/14/19 - At our 16th meeting, the members discussed the solo ensemble (which is February 23) and six attendees have confirmed with their parents that they can be of assistance. For those attending as staff, lunch will be provided. The event will start at 8:30 am, but if you are working in the morning, you will have to arrive at 8:00 in order to be ready. The event will end at 4:30. If you will be participating as a performing soloist or group, registrations are up. In order to be registered, you must go to the website (email has already been sent with information), sign-up, and pay the required amount. If you are in a group, one member signs everyone in that particular group up, but everyone will still need to pay for their own admission.

    The next social activity and location has been decided: bowling at Granada Bowl. The date has still not been chosen. The Livermore Rotary Club has brought up music scholarships and has told us how to apply. Go to the Peach Jar links on schoolloop and fill out the sheet and complete the tasks it asks you to do. Remember, 8th graders, to practice the several pieces given to you for the LHS Music Night that takes place on February 6.

    2/7/19 - At our 15th Tri-M meeting, the members agreed upon having another social. The social's location or date has not been decided yet, but some activities have: bowling, Rockin' Jump!, or at the music room. The solo ensemble event is also coming up soon. Several members have offered to attend and help out as staff, so they will need to have parents confirmation to be officially be attending. The date of the solo ensemble is on February 23. 

    12/6/18 -  At our 12th Tri-M meeting, the members decided to hold our social on the 20th of December, before Christmas break. The social will be from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. The members also decided to watch the movie "Home Alone" at the social. All members attending the social have been given the responsibility to bring either food or napkins and/or utensils. This system has been organized by last name lettering: 

    • A-D: desserts
    • E-L: fruit and/or finger food
    • M-Sm: plates, napkins, utensils
    • Sn-Z: chips and popcorn
    Soda and cell phones are prohibited. Bring your own water (bottle and refillable). Hope to see you at the social!

    11/29/18 - On  our 11th Tri-M meeting, that was postponed from November 15 due to the air quality in the area, our members decided to cancel the social at Rockin' Jump! and begin planning a replacement social located at the music room. The activities that will possibly be at the event have been chosen and voted on by the members. The activities are in the following: A movie (movie title still pending) and a gift exchange. The date has not been decided and neither has the idea of bringing food, which will most likely be determined in the next cabinet meeting between the officials and the next Tri-M meeting itself.

    11/12/18 - Tri-M held an unofficial meeting to discuss the upcoming social. Unfortunately, due to the lack interest in the event, the social has been postponed until further notice.

    11/8/18 - At our 10th Tri-M meeting, we discussed the social and informed our members on how to sign up to attend an event at Rockin' Jump. J.Z. has volunteered to call the establishment and find if the date our members agreed upon is open for an event, and if so, are reservations accepted. An unofficial meeting for Tuesday, November 12, has been chosen to further discuss the social.

    11/1/18 - At our 9th Tri-M meeting, A.P. was promoted to director of our first social due to the former director, K.D., resigned from the position. The date of the social has been decided to be held on November 16, 2018. Around $30.00 will needed to be paid to the establishment for you to be allowed at the event. Food will not be provided, but you will be able to purchase food with your own money. Mentors have been given to two more students.

    10/25 18 - At our eighth meeting, the location of our first, unofficial, social was decided- Rockin' Jump! K.D. has volunteered to be committee chair for the event, along with the help of A.P. The exact date is yet to be determined and decisions are still pending. Some students are still looking for mentors and have unfortunately been unlucky. Tri-M forms still need to be turned in to any Tri-M fficer or supervisor, etc.

    10/4/18 - At our last Tri-M meeting, we voted to have meetings every Thursday. We also discussed the rules and the consequences for breaking them. We have decided to tell any person who disrupts the meeting to leave immediately, but is able to join the next meeting that would be held. Tri-M forms have been given to the students wanting to join the program, and most have already been turned in.