2019 Science Odyssey Award Winners

Best of Show: Engineering

  • Grades 3 – 5: How Can You Make an LED Traffic Glove to Keep People Safe During Drop Off?

    Nolan McClung, Altamont Creek Elementary, grade 4; Teacher – Fenna Gatty

    Grades 6 – 8: Automatic Pet Feeder.

    Kali Spelts and Lily Anne Hurley, East Avenue Middle School, grade 8; Teacher – Gwendolyn Olness

    Grades 9 – 12: Testing 3D Printed Mechanical Logic Gates.

    Abby Fraser and Juan Vega, GHS and LHS; Teachers - Elizabeth Lopez (GHS) and Steven Giles (LHS)

Best of Show: Science

  • Grades 1 – 3: Smiled Silly.

    Sarina Battisti, Croce Elementary, grade 3; Teacher - Tina Rocha

    Grades 3 – 5:  Does Putting Weights Help a Paper Airplane go Further?

    Joseph Eng, Altamont Creek, grade 4; Teacher - Fenna Gatty

    Grades 6 – 8: How Much Radiation Do Cell Phones Emit?

    Lila Kotzbauer, Christensen Midde, grade 6; Teacher – Drew Kirian

    Grades 9 – 12 – Which Natural Antibacterial Kills More Germs?

    Lara Wiedemeier, Livermore High; Teacher – Megan Faliero

Best of Show: Math/Data Analysis

  • Who We Are, What We See: How Images Affect our Emotions

    Margot Carleton, Vineyard School, grade 12; Teacher – Gretchen Reynolds

Special Awards – Art and Photography

  • Top Awards for Photography:

    Winners were chosen by members of the Livermore Arts Commission.

    • TK – K (Tie): Wyatt Wood (Jackson, K) and Jude Mitsumata (Lawrence, TK)
    • 1 – 3 (Tie): Arjun Gowardhan (Altamont 1st grade) and Kaushik Venkatanarayanan (Joe Michell, 1st grade)
    • Grade 4 – 5: Lauren Maryman (Joe Michell, 5th grade)
    • Grade 6 – 8 (Tie): Cat Tovera  (Junction 7th grade), Ramon Salcido (Junction, 6th grade)
    • Grade 9 – 12: Sanjana Bhanvadia, Kylie Peters (Granada High, both grade 11)

    Top Awards for Art:

    Winners were selected by a graphic artist with no affiliation to LVJUSD.

    • Grades K – 2: Kaushik Venkatanarayanan   (Joe Michell, 1st grade)
    • Grades 3 – 5: Brooklyn Koski  (Junction, 3rd grade)
    • Grades 6 - 8: Adrian Cuevas Gomez (Junction, 7th grade) and Jaiden Hauge (Mendenhall Middle, 6th grade)
    • High school: Aditi Damle (GHS, 10th grade) and Fiona Smith-Calonica (Middle College, 11th grade)
    • T-shirt design by Conor Smith Calonica, Junction School

Special Awards - Science and Engineering Projects

  • Livermore Water Resources Division "One Water" Award Winners

    Thank you to Livermore’s Water Resources Division for again sponsoring a special award for projects related to water quality.

    • Best of Show Award for Water Quality Projects: Sfurti Gaudani (LHS); Project – The Effect of Acid Rain on Crops
    • First Place Award: Charlotte Folette (Christensen Middle, 7th grade); Project – Water Filters
    • Second Place Awards:
      • Vishal Venkatesh (GHS); Project – Using a Banana Peel-Based Filter to Extract Heavy Metals from Water.
      • Ariel van Buuren, Giulia Cuppoletti, Nicole Buskard (LHS); Project - Here Comes the Sun.
      • Carina Leinfellner, Meenakshi Mynampati, Shrutika Damle (GHS); Project - Portable Water Filter.
      • Darshini Binduraj (Christensen Middle, 6th grade); Project – Water Purification Through Filtration and Boiling.
    • Third Place Awards:
      • John Manrique, Evin Rhee, Viviana Valenton (LHS); Project - Reusing Grey Water to Water Plants.
      • Ava May, Chloe Turner (LHS); Project - Fertilizer Replacement
      • Pacicia Chellappan (LHS); Project – Is Your Water Safe?
    • Honorable Mention Award: Minh-Ky Kawamura (Smith Elementary, 2nd grade); Project – Rainwater vs. Tapwater

    Special Award for a Robotics Project

    New special award this year to recognize work in robotics. Award presented by Tom Manger from Robot Garden.

    • Gwenyth Finkbeiner, Jason Leveque-Rovasio, and Armando Garcia (LHS); Teacher - Karen Fletcher; Project - All-Terrain rover traversing rough terrain.