Intermediate Music

  • Students at Christensen Middle School have the opportunity to participate in instrumental music (band and orchestra) during the 2019/2020 school year. 

    No experience required!  Students wanting more information about the Intermediate Music Program can contact the CMS office or Mr Divita (contact information at the bottom).  Intermediate Music is primarliy beginning level 6th grade students (limited or no experiece). Beginning 7th grade students are eligible for Intermediate band, however, 6th graders get first priority.

    Schedule (currently):  Intermediate Music students go to music everyday.  Intermediate Band, which is split it into two classes, will meet during 2nd or 3rd period and Intermediate Orchestra will meet during 6th period (Great way to end the day!).

    • Intermediate Music students attend PE three days a week during “0” period, either MWF or TTHF (7:30 – 8:20 am).

    Registering:  Music students are placed in one of three core classes, which means space in Intermediate Music is limited. 

    SIGN UP FOR MUSIC.   Contact Marette Lee, CMS Office, 606-4702, ext. #6572

    Selecting an Instrument:  Students will have the opportunity to try several of the instruments offered (a music “Petting Zoo”) during the first two weeks of class. Students will prioritize their choice of instrument.  Based on their success and interest, the teacher and student will determine which instrument that student is best suited for and would like to play.  If at all possible, students that take private lessons will be encouraged to continue on that instrument.  Special note:  percussionists must audition regardless of experience.

    Instrument instruction/offerings:  We will make every attempt to provide instruction to students on their first choice of instrument.  However, for beginning students to be successful learning music in a mixed instruments environment, the number of students playing each instrument must be balanced for the size of the class, which may mean limiting the number of students on a particular instrument.  Too many students on one type of instrument will prevent other students/instruments from receiving adequate instruction time.

    Band students will receive instruction on flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, and tuba.  Percussionist will be selected by audition only.

    Orchestra students will receive instruction on violin, viola, cello, or bass.

    Students are expected to provide their own instrument, but should not rent one until we have finished exploring the different instruments (unless currently studying privately). 

    School Instruments:  We do provide certain large and expensive instruments (i.e., tuba, baritone, French horn, bass clarinet, string bass, etc).  The types and number of these instruments offered is based on class size and progress, financial need, school inventory, and the needs of the band.  We generally do not provide flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, or viola.  If needs exceed inventory, school instruments will be allotted via lottery.

    Specialty Instruments/Private Lessons:  Because of the difficulty and size issues with some of the other instruments, students who want to play an instrument not listed above, i.e., oboe, bassoon, etc., should really consider getting a head start over the summer by taking private lessons.  However, students should check with their middle school music teacher about instrument selection and where to go for lessons.

    Renting/Buying Instruments:  I strongly recommend renting an instrument for the first 3 months.  Do not be tempted by “Great Deals” over the inter-net, on-line auction sites, or large discount stores.  The prices are cheap because the instruments are cheap.  A cheap instrument is difficult to play and easily break.  Music stores often refuse to fix low quality instruments because the cost of repair can be more than the value of the instrument!  Go to a quality music store!  I will provide a list of reputable stores at the beginning of the school year (or contact me for the list).

    Music Room Logistics: The music building is opened to all instrumental music students from 7:15-8:15 am every morning, and from 2:31-3:05 pm after school (The Music Building closes at 1:40 pm on Wednesdays.).  Students going to "0" Period PE can drop off their instruments in the music room before school or before going to PE.  Students can come in on their non-PE day’s and practice between 7:15 am and 8:15 am (much more fun with friends than by yourself) or after school.  Instruments can stay in the music room all day.  Instruments  can be picked up after school and should go home daily unless arrangements have been made with the music teacher.

     Pros/Cons Of Intermediate Instrumental Music


    • allows 6th graders to take an elective
    • can dress for PE before leaving for school on PE days
    • can practice at school with friends (counts as practice time for grade)
    • PE class consists of mainly music students!
    • placed in a core class with other 6th grade music students
    • music building open before and after school (quasi-music daycare!)


    • have to get up early 3 days per week (for 6th grade only, for 7th and 8th graders, music and PE scheduled during the school day).
    • limited to approximately 80 students (band and orchestra combined total)

    Contact Info:

    Mr Divita, Music Director, CMS

    925 606-4702, #6510

    Music web-page,   

    CMS Music