• Greetings, Granada seniors and Granada families.  Below you will find the information that was sent out in a series of emails on Thursday, May 14th.  I have a lot of information to cover, and for the sake of clarity I am going to split it all up into separate attachments here. 

    Introduction email (that’s this one you're reading).


    Information on Senior Checkout

    Information on Senior Brunch and Senior Awards

    Information on Graduation Ceremony and Grad Plan Layout

    Information on how we abide by the order of the Alameda County Public Health Department and ACPHD Guidelines

    Every one of these attachments is vitally important. Please read each of them carefully. I would suggest reading them in the order proscribed; I think that way it will make the most sense, and some of the events (like Graduation) depend on completing earlier tasks (like Senior Checkout).

    At this time, I do not have information on potential future events like “Senior Ball” or “Safe and Sober Grad Night.” We are still working with other groups to try to understand what options we have for those events.

    However, I think that our seniors and families will be happy with the plans that we have been able to put together and that I get to tell you about now. The work that has gone into planning all of this and the work that will go into holding the events themselves involve the efforts of students, teachers, parents, and staff in ways that go far beyond what would reasonably be asked of anybody, and please allow me this moment to collectively thank everyone involved with any stage of our plans to celebrate our Granada graduates.

    Some additional notes: 

    1. Once I have all the info from the senior Graduation forms, then I will send out "appointment times" for when seniors and families will arrive for the diploma ceremony. That information will probably go out to everyone sometime between May 26-29.

    2. I neglected to mention a deadline for submission of the senior forms. The forms don't take more than five minutes to fill out, so I'd like to set a deadline of Tuesday, May 19 for everyone to get those in. That way, hopefully, we can get to work creating groups starting Wednesday.

    3. Just a reminder that, as I have stated in previous emails, when the time arrives that we are able to hold large-group gatherings again, I will connect with graduates to see if there is interest in doing a full, traditional ceremony. I'm asking for a working "future email" on the form for this very purpose. The plan I've outlined is so that we can celebrate everybody now, but it doesn't stop us from doing a full ceremony later if the desire is still there.

    4. One important detail unconnected to the info from yesterday: If students would like to request final transcripts, they can do so by going to our website and clicking on the appropriate link under "headlines."

    I think that's all for a while. Thank you to everyone for the positive thoughts and feedback.

    Matthew Hart

    Principal – Granada High School




















    Senior Timeline - please review - dates/times subject to change so please check back frequently for additions and changes.

    Class of 2020 Panoramic Picture - Prints can be ordered now!

    2020 Senior All-Night Safe & Sober Party (Website)

    Campus Candids - Photographer at Graduation - Class of 2020

    Project Pride Commemorative Bricks

    Questions regarding cap/gown/announcements - please contact Josten's at 925-838-1835.

    Disneyland Grad Nite 2020 - In compliance with the Superintendent's and Governor's offices, and to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have cancelled the Class of 2020 Grad Nite trip in May.  At this time, there is no need to contact the travel agency.  A refund process started the week of April 14th and should be complete by the end of the month.  You will be refunded the same way you paid.  If you paid by check, this process may take up to 30 days as those refunds are coming from the corporate office.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an email at

    Stay safe!