March 25, 2020

  • Dear Livermore Families,

    Livermore schools will be extending our period of school dismissal through Friday, May 1, 2020, joining with districts throughout the Bay Area to protect the health of our communities. 

    We will extend our meal distribution through May 1st, as well, with the exception of during Spring Break (April 6 - 13).

    A press release today from the Alameda County Office of Education states: “Seven Bay Area county health officers, in collaboration with their county superintendents, have made a unified, regional decision to extend school closures and student dismissals from regular school attendance through May 1, 2020 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to the maximum extent. The safety and wellness of students, school personnel, and the community are the highest priorities of all schools and districts in these six counties.” (The complete press release is attached to this email.) 

    Even before today’s announcement, you may have wondered if our initial 3-week dismissal would see us through the spread of COVID-19. Like many of you, we have watched Governor Newsom’s updates and recognize that battling a pandemic takes extreme measures. We are coming together as a school community, and as a state and a nation, to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals can have the resources to treat those who are ill, and so that we will emerge from this situation as soon as possible.

    The diligence and dedication of our staff and the commitment and flexibility of our families during our school dismissal period so far shows us that we can extend distance learning successfully. We have been planning for this possibility, and will be working closely with our staff to provide direction for students as we move into the weeks following Spring Break.

    For now, please continue what you’re doing. Please remember, too, that we are here to support students who may be struggling with being away from school. Middle school and high school counselors and all principals and vice principals are available by email (and then by phone). Our teachers are already your children’s lifeline - as are you. When we look back on this period in our history, we will remember the support and love of family and friends. 

    Finally, please feel free to reach out if you need more resources or supports. Remember that we have expanded the Students & Families section of our website to include School Dismissal Information & Distance Learning Resources. Please let us know what more you need by emailing

    Thank you, and take care,


    Philomena Rambo & LVJUSD Leadership