October 30, 2020

  • Dear LVJUSD Families,

    Starting this Monday, November 2nd, we are able to begin our reopening process by offering on-campus, in-person small group cohorts for our students with special needs, following the small group guidance of the Alameda County Office of Education. We have a gradual implementation process planned that will provide for the support of several hundred students by mid-January. These students will continue to participate in distance learning as their primary instruction, with the small groups offered as additional support.

    Reopening planning for general education elementary grades continues. As we indicated in our letter last Friday, next week you will receive a copy of our draft Reopening Plan that is aligned to the Alameda County Health Department Guidelines. (This plan is required for bringing students to campus beyond the small group model designed for students with special needs.) When finalized, reopening plan details will be reflected in our updated 2020-21 Handbook.

    Before we begin in-person learning, we need firm commitments from families to know how many students prefer to stay in distance learning and how many prefer to participate in hybrid learning. Along with our Reopening Plan, we will be sending a video that explains the details of each option, so that you can feel confident when making a decision.

    For those of you with children in middle and high school, you are most likely aware that the Alameda County Office of Education has now allowed for the possibility of hybrid learning on secondary school campuses. We have accelerated our planning processes and are working with principals and our Task Force to finetune options for middle and high school students. The size of these schools and the fact that students have multiple teachers each day requires us to create a different plan for our 6th - 12th grade students.

    Regardless of the modality for teaching and learning, we are ramping up our efforts to increase extracurricular opportunities and social-emotional supports for all students. 

    Thank you for your continued support,

    LVJUSD Leadership Team