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Students Compete in Migrant Education State Debate Tournament

May 16, 2019 - Livermore, CA - On May 4, 2019, the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District’s (LVJUSD) Migrant Education Program English and Spanish Debate Teams both competed in the Migrant Education State Debate Tournament at Oxnard High School in Ventura, CA - where the English Debate team earned 2nd place. Twelve high school English Debate Teams and thirteen high school Spanish Debate Teams competed in the competition.

The English and Spanish Debate teams both qualified for the State tournament after earning first place at the Regional tournament on March 16th. Each team comprises five students from Granada and Livermore high schools, and Middle College. Jazmin Lopez, Andrea Munoz, Harlet Nieblas, Emmanuel Sanchez, and Josue Sanchez made up the English team; and Evelyn Arroyo, Andrea Cruz, Staicy Robles, Alan Ruiz, and Erik Vazquez made up the Spanish team.

The teams were evaluated on a rubric focused on five phases of the debate – opening arguments, cross examination, response, rebuttal, and closing argument – as well as the quality of evidence, preparation, collaboration, and respect. Significant attention was paid toward how well the team worked together and the level of professionalism in the members’ behavior.

Both teams had met twice a week after school to prepare, research, and write since January.  “Our teams were very passionate and supportive of one another, and others could tell they were good friends, both inside and outside of the competition,” said Alyson Noble, English and English Language Development teacher at Granada High. “They exemplified academic success and respect throughout the tournament. Our team even stated how they thought the 1st place team deserved the win because they were very strong and respectful.”

The level of positivity enhanced the tournament, ensuring all participants a valuable experience by having an opportunity to exercise their skills and compete at a high level among their peers.