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Marylin Avenue Elementary School Celebrates 60 Years

May 31, 2019 – Livermore, CA - For sixty years, Marylin Avenue Elementary School has been a fixture of the Livermore community – a place where children in the neighborhood gathered to learn, play, and establish bonds that would last a lifetime. On May 23, 2019, during the school’s Open House, Marylin Avenue celebrated its 60th anniversary as an elementary school – bringing together community members, families, and alumni to recognize the school’s meaningful impact in their lives.

The multipurpose room in Marylin Avenue Elementary School evoked generations of memories. The walls were covered with six decades’ worth of photographs, newspaper clippings, t-shirts, letters from alumni, and the school colors – both the old orange and black colors, and the current teal and black. Down the center of the room, six benches represented each decade of the school, decorated by students, for alumni, parents, and staff to sign based on when they were associated with the campus.

The collection featured highlights of the school’s long history, depicting the enormous impact on its community over the years and representing countless connections – between friends, colleagues, teachers and students, and across generations. Friends stood giggling over their old yearbook, their own children playing around them in a space they once played within themselves.

In her remarks, Principal Denise Nathanson detailed how Marylin Avenue has changed over the years as it adapted to the 21st century. She noted in particular its new STEAM Lab – for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math – and solar panels, as well as its new playgrounds. Nathanson also spoke to the school’s adoption of the Leader in Me program, which gives students skills to develop academic and personal goals that will help them promote positive changes in the world. “Our students are ready to take on the world,” Nathanson said. “Throughout all the changes, one thing has stayed the same: Marylin Avenue’s dedication to its students and community.”

After Nathanson’s remarks, alumni were invited to share memories, and one alumna spoke for many when she commented on the important relationships established as children. “I met my best friend in fourth grade, and we’re still friends now,” she said.

Her words resonated in the crowd of those who had just reconnected with friends not seen in years, between whom recollections were shared of fairs and carnivals past, of old playground games, of stories spoken and remembered – all fostered on the campus still cultivating new memories, lessons, and friendships. To cap off the event, all in attendance sang “Happy Birthday” to the beloved campus – honoring its place in the past, celebrating its place in the present, and wishing the best for its future.

Special thank you to those who made the event possible: community members Steve Goodman, Lori Olsen, Paula Martin, and Pam Ward; staff members Dianna Wooten, Deb Anderson, Nan Wyckoff, Danielle Wyckoff, and Denise Nathanson; PTO president Nancy Howe and Community Liaison Raquel Barker for setting up; and Marylin Office Specialist Laura Torres for collecting and archiving many of the yearbooks and photos.