School Accountability Report Card (S.A.R.C)

  • All public schools in California prepare and publish a School Accountability Report Card that is shared with the California Department of Education on an annual basis. The report includes the school's mission, goals, and accomplishments. In addition, State law requires that the SARC contain all of the following:

    • Demographic data
    • School safety and climate for learning information
    • Academic data
    • School completion rates
    • Class sizes
    • Teacher and staff information
    • Curriculum and instruction descriptions
    • Postsecondary preparation information
    • Fiscal and expenditure data

    All SARCs are available online at the Find a Sarc page on the California Department of Education website. You can view or download a SARC using the links below or, upon request, view a printed copy of a school's SARC in the school office.

    Watch for more updates as new SARC documents are published.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.