About Arroyo Seco

  • Arroyo Seco Elementary is a Public Elementary school within the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. Our school serves transitional kindergarten through fifth rade with a tradition of excellence.

    All of the students are taught a strong basic skills program including Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, History/Social Sciences, Technology, Fine Arts and Physical Education.

    Student learning is supported in a technology-rich environment.  The students use the Media Center (library and Computer Lab) to enrich their reading, writing and problem solving experiences.'

    Arroyo Seco Elementary is a California Distinguished School.  The California Distinguished School award is given to, in the words of the State Department of Education, the state's most exemplary and inspiring public schools.  

    SCHOOL HISTORY Established in 1971

    Arroyo Seco began as a K-3 school with six portable classrooms.

    1976:  A permanent core building was added and grades 4 and 5 were included in the student body.  The facility in the core building includes a library, a multi-purpose room with a stage, offices and a staff room.

    1996: A 10000 square foot computer lab was added to the library in the summer.

    2004: All classrooms were moved to the same area with 4th and 5th grades now being housed by the 2nd thru 3rd grade classes on the north of the campus.  The play area was expanded with an additional play structure and more grass area is available for student recesses.

    2004-2005: There are 29 regular classrooms, one Special Day Class, and a Reading Tutorial Office.  Each classroom has at least three computers that are hooked up to the Internet with a variety of software and a CD Rom drive.

    2005-2006: Science portables were added to accommodate science lab instruction to students through Measure D funding.  Students with special needs are served on site by a special education resource specialist, a speech therapist and psychologist.  In a separate facility next to our parking lot, the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District operates a day-care center for students attending our school.

    2017: Maker Space lab was created and build. This room allows students to do hands on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities using robotics, lego walls, coding and so much more.

    2018: Through Measure J support from the community, we were able to get new play structures both in our kindergarten playground and our larger structure. Solar panels installed in our school parking lot.