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    Register through Livermore Adult Education for more free options! 

    Livermore Adult Education is partnering with COABE and IBM, to offer free online work-based training and credentials. 

    Whether you're interested in gaining new skills to get a job in technology, or just want to explore your options, SkillsBuild can help.

    SkillsBuild offers courses and credentials in such areas as cybersecurity, data analysis, and customer service. You can demonstrate learning accomplishments with SkillsBuild badges, which are IBM-branded digital credentials. You can also learn about emerging technologies and new ways of working, develop workplace skills that employers value, and much more.

    Most classes are available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

    Send an email to Sara today, to find out more.  swalke@lvjusd.org

    Only some of the options are available to the public. But, if you register for SkillsBuild through Livermore Adult Education and you will have access to all of the available courses that lead to industry-recognized certificates in:

    • Job Roles
      • Customer Service
      • Designer
      • Data Analyst
      • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
    • Technology
      • How to Build a Chatbot
      • Blockchain Essentials
      • Cloud Computing
      • Fortinet Network Security Associate Certification 
      • Big Data Foundations
      • The Internet of Things
      • RedHat Open Source Software
      • Quantum Computing
    • Ways of Working
      • Agile Methodology
      • Design Thinking
      • Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Workforce Readiness
      • Professional Skills
      • Job Application Essentials
      • Explorations into Mindfulness
      • Search for Work in Difficult Times
      • Develop a LinkedIn Profile
      • Build Interview Skills
    • IBM Digital Badges
      • Digital Foundations
        • Working in a Digital World: Professional Skills
        • Working in a Digital World: Essential Skills
        • Agile Explorer
        • Explorations into Mindfulness
        • Job Application Essentials
      • Role-based
        • Cybersecurity Professional
        • Introduction to Data Analysis
        • IBM Z Administrator: Practitioner
        • Customer Engagement: Communication and Personality Dynamics
        • Customer Engagement: Problem Solving and Process Controls
      • Entrepreneurial Mindset
        • Be an Entrepreneur
        • Entrepreneurship Business Essentials
        • Entrepreneurship Marketing Essentials


  • Hi! I'm Sara at Livermore Adult Education. If you are interested in knowing more about the SkillsBuild partnership, let's talk!

    I'm not always at my desk, so an email is the best way to contact me. Let me know the best time to call you, and the best phone number to reach you. 

    I can't wait to tell you about all of the amazing opportunities in the SkillsBuild program.

    Here is my email address: swalke@lvjusd.org

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