Vineyard Alternative School opened in 1987 for students needing an alternative school environment. Vineyard is a school of choice that uses an independent study program model as its primary means for instruction for students from grades kindergarten to twelve. 

    Students meet with their teachers virtually or in person 1-2 times a week. There are three models of instruction to facilitate student learning.  The first model consists of a more traditional independent study model, where students receive instruction from a teacher on a one-to-one basis.  The second model of instruction incorporates blended learning, in which instruction is supplemented with online learning platforms, promoting self-paced instruction and technology, accompanied by one-on-one teacher support.  Lastly, our school uses small-group instruction to help students achieve positive learning outcomes.  In this model, a group of five to fifteen students is able to not only interact and engage with the teacher and the curriculum but with other students in a small classroom environment.  In all three learning models, students are taught, guided, and advised by highly qualified credentialed teachers who exercise their expertise in the subject area in which they are certified.