Honor Roll - General Information and Qualifications

  • East Avenue has two types of honor rolls – Principal’s Honor Roll and Regular Honor Roll.

    To be on either honor roll, a student must:
    Not have any F’s
    Not have any incompletes or “no marks”- this refers to grades on the report card -  not individual assignments in a class.

    The GPA (grade point average) needed for Principal’s Honor Roll is 3.71 or higher
    The GPA needed for Regular Honor Roll is 3.0 to 3.7

    Honor Rolls are given for grades after each trimester.  The honor rolls are posted two to three weeks after the report cards are sent out.  By this time, grade corrections should be processed and incompletes made up.

    The honor rolls are displayed in the office and multipurpose room foyers as well as being posted on the website.   Honor Roll Bumper Sticker and reward distribution  will take place on Monday, December 16th for 6th graders and on Tuesday, December 17th for 7th and 8th graders.