Enrollment at Vineyard Alternative School

  • Enrolling at Vineyard

    • Students currently enrolled and attending Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) who wish to be considered for a transfer to Vineyard Alternative School (VAS) must contact their current school administrator or counselor to complete an intra-district transfer. Intra-district transfers to Vineyard must have a recommendation from the current school of attendance when submitted for approval.

    • Students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) must meet with their Special Education Case Manager and discuss the process for a change of placement from their current school setting to VAS. Please contact the Special Education Department for further information if you do not know who your case manager is.

    • New students to LVJUSD must register at your residence school and then contact your school site administrator to discuss an intra-district transfer request to VAS. The school administrator will need to submit a recommendation based upon the previous school’s attendance, academic, and behavior records prior to submitting the Intra-district transfer request for approval.

    Families and their students may choose to attend the Orientation prior to receiving approval for the transfer request. Please remember, attendance at the Orientation does not guarantee placement at Vineyard. 

    Notification Process: 

    • If the transfer is approved, the family will receive an email from VAS.

    If the transfer is denied, the family will be contacted by their home school.
    If the student has an IEP, notification will be made through the IEP process.

    Please call the Registrar at VAS at (925) 606-4722 if you have additional questions.