• All middle school students will take PE five days a week during one of their periods. In PE, students will be required to wear a PE uniform and will need to change in the locker room daily.  Click here to learn more about PE content standards.

PE Clothes

  • After Attendance and Announcements

    • Students have five minutes to change into P.E. clothes.  If students are not on their numbers after the allotted time, they will be marked tardy.

    Proper PE Attire

    • ALL white OR Junction t-shirt

    • ALL black shorts (no stripes) OR Junction shorts

    • Socks and athletic shoes

    • If you choose to wear sweats they must be plain black, OR plain white, OR plain gray, OR Junction sweats.  Pullover or zipper sweatshirt.  Zippers must be zipped up all the way.  

    • Students are not allowed to wear the clothes they wore to school.

    • Clothing should be labeled with the student's name. 


    • A student who does not dress out for P.E. will receive a grade reduction for that day. They are still required to participate.

    • A student’s third non-dress in a trimester will result in a referral. 

    • Each additional non-dress day will result in the reduction of the student’s grade by 10% and parents will be notified.  

    • Students are allowed 6 dress cuts in a trimester before failing PE

    • Any student who reaches a failing grade (more than 6 dress cuts per trimester) will be removed from the rest of the P.E. class for the remainder of the trimester and placed in “Fitness Intervention”. These students will lose locker room privileges.

    • Every student starts with a clean slate at the beginning of each new trimester.


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