TK Curriculum


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  • I provide high-quality early learning opportunities within the TK classroom. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate for our young learners. Students receive personalized attention with our low student to teacher ratio. My instructional assistant and I get to know each child on a deep level and can meet their individual needs. My goal is to create a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, playful learning environment.  Students will have opportunities throughout the day for open ended play both indoors and outdoors. At other times, intentional play opportunities will occur with specific skills in mind.  Standards will be taught in an engaging manner.  



  • Throughout my years of teaching, I have gained knowledge of many sources of curriculum.  The list below is just a portion of the lessons that will be taught this year.

    • Benchmark Advance Language Arts Curriculum
    • Guided Reading Best Practices
    • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness
    • Amy Lemmons Rooted in Reading 
    • Counting Collections
    • Math Starts book series
    • Social Emotional Learning Curriculum