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Sunset School Library Newsletter - May/June, 2021



A note from Mrs. Simons, Sunset's Library Media Specialist




    Hello!  I am Louise Simons, the Sunset Elementary School's Library Media Specialist.  My 23-year journey in this position with our school district led me to this wonderful community 17 years ago.  Over those years, we've had some great adventures through our love of books.  While we have some challenges connecting with every student in light of Distance Learning, I am confident we are up to the task.  

     How can we make our Sunset Readers grow during this school year that began "remotely?" 

    • SUNSET LIBRARY CATALOG BOOK REQUEST/CHECKOUT April 2021  - Our students are able to check out Sunset Library books in a safe and responsible manner.   
    • Students can borrow books through our Sunset Library Catalog using our new Library Book Hold Process (see above video).
    • Younger readers can ask Mrs. Simons to find them books using the Sunset Book Menu. (Access from your student's @lvjusd.org account.)
    • Students can customize their reading "fashion" using our "Book Fix" form. (Access from your student's @lvjusd.org account.)  Mrs. Simons will review the answers about their "style" and give suggestions for their next reads.
    • Highlight new books and "oldies, but goodies" with book talks and book collection lists posted in the Sunset Library Catalog and on the Sunset School Library Schoology Course.  Every student has access through their Schoology Course listings.
    • Sharing books via Mrs. Simons' Read Alouds, also found in the Sunset School Library Schoology Course. **AND NEW TO THE SUNSET SCHOOL LIBRARY COURSE: READ ALOUDS BY PRINCIPAL JONES!**

    As Gerald said in Mo Willems' book, We are in a book!, every book we read offers "...more to give. More words! More jokes! More bananas!"

    There are always more ways to nurture our Sunset readers and we'll discover them together!  Here's to a new school year of adventures and surprises!


Livermore Public Library

  • Our district libraries work in conjunction with the Livermore Public Library and a library card is available to all LVJUSD students. Visit their website for a connection to valuable resources that accent our our school library.

    • Kid's Place  - age appropriate for grades TK-5
    • Teen Space  - age appropriate for grades 5 and up
    • ebooks and audiobooks 
    • Homework Help including free Tutoring Services (check the digital links in each of the age appropriate categories above)


A few things to remember about taking home a library book.

  • It's important to follow a few simple ideas when borrowing a book. 

    1. Keep your books clean and dry. If an accident happens when you have a book, let Mrs. Simons know; maybe it can be fixed. Accidents do happen. We just want to avoid them. 
    2. Don't dog ear your pages. That's where you fold down the corner of the page to mark your spot. Use a bookmark that's no thicker than a piece of paper.
    3. Keep your books away from pets including fish and reptiles.
    4. Avoid eating and reading or reading and eating.
    5. Read your book more than once.  You'll be surprised at what you missed the first, second, third, fourth... time.
    6. Share a book with someone.  Maybe alternate who reads or ask someone to do the character voices for you.
    7. Think about what could happen in a sequel to the book.  Ask yourself if you were the main character, would you act the same way?  What would you do differently?
    8. Challenge yourself!  Maybe your next book could be by a different author. Or, make yourself a promise that for every two books you read in a series, you'll read a different kind of book in a different genre.  A good analogy for this idea...I might get tired if I ate chocolate ice cream ALL THE TIME (or maybe not).
    9. Ask Mrs. Simons for help if you'd like a different kind of book.  She's a pretty good Book Suggestor!
    10. Enjoy the ride!