Science Odyssey

  • Science Odyssey Projects

    Students in grades 1-12 can register to enter projects. Project categories include:

    • Grades 1-3: Science
    • Grades 4-12: Science, Engineering
    • Grades 6-12: Science, Engineering, Computer Science or Math/Data Analysis

    We hope this will be a learning experience for the entire family. Please keep in mind, while families may help in the planning process, the work and experiment must be done by the student. Students can work independently or in small groups of two to three individuals and are encouraged to use resources at school, the libraries, on the web, and at home to complete each project.

    When registering, students will describe their project's testable question.  For computer science or math projects, students will describe the problem or issue they are addressing. 
    NOTE: Projects may NOT involve weapons, fire, controlled or hazardous materials. These projects will not be accepted for Science Odyssey.  

    Registration for Science Odyssey 2020 is Open! Project Registration closes on Friday, January 24, 2020.

    Register for Science Odyssey 2020 Elementary Grades 1-5 (Spanish 1-5)
    Register for Science Odyssey 2020 Secondary Grades 6-12* (Spanish 6-12)*   

    *Grades 6-12 are required to submit an abstract about their project. Guidelines for writing an abstract will be emailed to students. If students would like their abstract to be included in a printed journal, students should submit them by Friday, January 31, 2020.                                

    pencil checking boxes Print your Science Odyssey checklist!

    You may also contact Regina Brinker for more information.