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    Livermore Running Club (LRC): The LRC summer running will begin June 24th, when we will meet at Kellman Fields (Independence Park), 5:00 PM. If you haven’t received it before then, I will hand out a tentative schedule of the summer runs, times, and locations. The opportunity to run with the club is open to anyone. Running with the club is voluntary and does not obligate you into any sport at LHS. The summer running will consist of mostly early-morning runs. Occasionally, we will run in the evenings.  Usually we will meet at Kellman soccer fields, located off Holmes/Vallecitos Road. It is important and beneficial for you to run on dirt and grass as much as possible. Running hilly terrain is also very helpful. I mention these things because there will undoubtedly be days when you can’t or don’t run with the group. So, these are some of the guidelines to consider when you run on your own.

    You should begin running before June 24th, especially those of you more experienced runners.  I have included a guideline giving you a suggested running schedule, including type of runs, duration, and so forth. 


    You must be cleared for participation by the LHS athletic department prior to the first official day of practice. The ‘fall sports sign-up’ is largely done on-line. Go to the school athletic page for instructions as to how to do this. So, prior to the sign-up night you must have undergone a physical examination by a licensed doctor and had the doctor complete the physical form (issued by the school).

    Cross Training:  

    Here are two conversion factors for those of you trying to do cross training: Biking- divides biking distance by 3 (Example: 45 bike miles equals 15 running miles); swimming- multiplies swimming distance by 2.5-3.5. Any aerobic activity, including lifting weights, is helpful for developing your fitness and athleticism. I encourage you to do these cross-training activities to supplement your running. But cross training cannot replace the running.  


    The official first-day of cross country practice is August 12th.


    Coach Eddie Salazar- Phone #'s: 925-413-0994 (cell). E-mail address: salazx5@att.net



    Preparation for 2019 CC Season.                                     

    1. Set goals for the season. You want to have time-goals (for example, personal-bests for the different courses you have previously run on). Also, set goals in terms of championship races (EBAL, NCS, State) that you want to achieve.
    2. The running schedule below is to give you something to work with before the Livermore Running Club begins (June 24th). It also gives you an idea of what you should be doing during the summer, should you not be able to run with the LRC. You can also use the schedule below to guide you on what to do when the LRC doesn’t get together for workouts. The running club will meet 3-5 times per week.
    3. Always start the running schedule at the beginning, even if you start running after June 20th.   That is, don’t jump to the 2nd or 3rd week’s set of runs even if you start 2-3 weeks late.
    4. You should, in addition to running, do some form of cross training a few times per week. This could be weight lifting, biking, swimming, dynamic stretching, or whatever.       Even walking your dog can be ‘whatever’.


    (Girls’ running times)


    June 17-22nd:             Run 2 days, 25-45 min (25-30 min) each time. Run at a relaxed pace.

                                        Note: longer times of runs are for more experienced and/or varsity runners.

    June 24-30th:             Run 3 days, same as above. LRC starts June24th.

    July 1-7th:                   Run 3 days, same as above

    July 8-14th:                Run 3 days, 40-45 min (35) for each of two runs, and 45-55 min (40-45) for the other run. Make one run ‘up tempo/lactate’, that is, at a pace that does not allow for much talking. Start running up in the hills

                                        (like up in the Kilo Loop area, or at Brushy).

    July 15-21st:               Run 4 times, same as per previous week, except include one run for 60-75 min (50-55).

    July 22-28th:               Run 4 times, three runs done for 45-60 min (35-45) each, one run for 65-80 min (55-65). Two runs this week should be ‘up tempo/lactate’ and/or involve hills.

    July 29-Aug 4th:         Run 5 times, as per previous week.

    Aug 5-11th:                Run 5 times, four runs for 50-60 min (40-50) each, one run for 70-90 min (60-65). Again, two runs should be up-tempo and/or involve running up-and-down hills.

    Aug 12th:                    This will be the first official day of cross country practice for Livermore High.