Below you will find the links to the forms for new clubs, renewed clubs, and the club contract. If you are asked to be an advisor, you will receive a link to the advisor agreement form. That is how we can track and verify that clubs are in fact being run properly on campus.

    All of these forms along with current club list will be available on the LHS website and on our LHS ASB site HERE.


    New Clubs - https://forms.gle/EZxZXpqiy9xt7Zw69

    Club Renewal - https://forms.gle/9Sk8PPg16qZ2TXbS6

    Club Contract - https://forms.gle/8dPhRu4fvzpBYauc7


    Also, here are links to the Updated Activities/Facilities Request and Fundraiser Request forms. *


    Activities - https://forms.gle/R3m3AP2wKkVRgxd66

    Fundraisers - https://forms.gle/PwdfHg2o3wpvER1S6


    We have made fundraisers and activities different forms because not all fundraisers need use of campus facilities.

    If a fundraiser requires both, you need to fill out both.