Welcome to FIT! 

    • Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Avilla
      • Other FIT Teachers: Monica Brickwedell, Greg Gomes, Bryan Hahn, Mike McCafferty, Tim Rankin, Corrigan Willis
    • E-mail:
    • Room: 206
    • Phone: (925) 606-4800 ext. 3609
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    • Twitter:  @Granada_FIT
  • Course Objectives: The goal of this course is to assist incoming freshmen through every aspect of their high school career. They will be introduced to many topics that will aid them in becoming a more successful student and citizen. Topics will include orientation to the campus and staff, knowledge and use of the online grading/attendance program, and organizational strategies. Additionally, we will provide freshmen with an understanding of courses and extracurricular activities available to them during their time at Granada. Students will also learn technological skills that will apply to their classes, public speaking skills, and team building skills. Each student will complete a 4-year plan designed to help him/her achieve his/her high school and post-secondary goals. Lastly, students will explore personal aspects that affect their high school career including study skills, communication, and budgeting. Please refer the course calendar for daily agendas.

    Course Materials

    1. School Loop Accounts
    2. 3-Ring Binder
    3. GHS Handbook/Planner

    School Loop Accounts (1)We are asking both students and parents to register on School Loop.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on icon for School Loop account and follow prompts to create and account.

    3-Ring Binder (2) A binder for this class is required along with 4 dividers, as we will use it to organize and hold F.I.T. info, class work and homework assignments. The F.I.T. binder will be used weekly for binder checks and our final exam. If students do not have an entire binder devoted to F.I.T. then these 4 dividers must be used to create a specific section in a larger binder for this course.   Binder dividers will be labeled as follows:

    1. Class info. (syllabus, calendar, and weekly grades)
    2. Binder checks (weekly evaluations of completed work)
    3. Work in progress
    4. Graded work

    GHS Handbook/Planner (3) Students will also be expected to bring his/her school issued Student Planner to class daily. Homework from all classes will be recorded in this planner on a daily basis.

    Weighted Grading

    • Daily Participation - 10%   
    • Assignments  - 40%   
    • Presentations/Projects - 40%   
    • Final Exam  - 10%   
    • TOTAL - 100%            

    Late Work Policy Late work will be accepted only one day past the due date for half credit.

    Granada Behavioral Absolutes - All Granada students show respect for themselves and others by

    • Being in class on time
    • Finishing food and drink outside of class time
    • Supporting learning for all students
    • Using language that is not vulgar or hateful
    • Following the dress code
    • Cleaning up after themselves 

    Granada’s Expected School Wide Learning Results

    • Students will be able to problem solve.
    • Students will be able to interpret and evaluate texts and data.
    • Students will be able to identify and evaluate chains of causality.
    • Students will be able to effectively communicate in a variety of media.
    • Students will be able to follow and apply a logical process.

    AttendanceStudents are required to attend class every day. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for and make-up missed assignments when absent. Makeup work for excused absences must be made up within the allotted time following the days of absence. If you are absent one day, then your makeup work is due one day after your return. Any work previously assigned prior to your absence is due upon the first day of your return. Makeup work will not be allowed for unexcused absences (cuts).

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