Core Values

Core Values for Teaching & Learning

  • The Governing Board of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) embraces as its mission that each student will graduate with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world and commits:

    • To continually develop and support a high quality staff that is dedicated to innovative teaching
    • To focus on continuous improvement in order to attain successful learning outcomes for all LVJUSD students 

    In support of the District’s mission, the Superintendent and staff will adhere to following core values for teaching and learning:

    • Provide enhanced learning opportunities through innovative teaching and professional development that ensures the highest quality instruction that is responsive to each student’s needs.
    • Offer a wide range of challenging and inspiring courses and specialized programs that prepare students for college and career.
    • Ensure a safe and inclusive environment that supports each student’s physical, behavioral, social, emotional, and mental health needs in order to provide optimal learning conditions.
    • Guarantee equitable access to core academic instruction through the use of current, relevant and engaging instructional materials and strategies.


Core Values for Budget Development & Planning

  • The Governing Board of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) approves an annual budget in keeping with the Core Values set forth below and commits:  

    • To maintain fiscal solvency through sound and prudent fiscal practices and decision-making aligned to our guiding principles;  
    • To be transparent, inclusive and inform all stakeholders of our Core Values, fiscal status, and rationale for budget allocations.

    The Superintendent and staff will use the following Core Values in developing a budget to recommend to the Board of Trustees:  

    • The District budget will be developed to provide a high quality educational program, service and support to students; competitive compensation for staff; a reserve for economic uncertainty; and a plan to meet long-term obligations.  
    • The District will fund a rich and engaging educational experience that includes innovative academic core instruction and elective offerings and allows students to explore their unique personal competencies.  
    • The District budget will provide members of the LVJUSD learning community with ongoing professional development to meet the evolving and varied needs of our students and staff.  
    • The District will pursue partnerships, advocacy, grants and likely supplemental sources to maximize opportunities and resources for our students.  The District budget will account for economic and political projections, laws and mandates that affect our funding stream.
    • The District will consider the financial impact and total cost of operation including ongoing expenses of any purchase, program or initiative to ensure quality, support and sustainability.


Core Values for Facilities Planning

  • The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, following consultation with its Governing Board and administration, to conduct facilities planning in accordance with the following:

    • To promote efficient and focused facilities planning meetings that adhere to our guiding principles; and
    • To be transparent and inform the District's community about our Core Values and desired outcomes.

    The District will use the following Core Values throughout facilities planning to evaluate the substance of its own recommendations as well as those from any District stakeholders.

    • To ensure all of our students are prepared to contribute and thrive in a changing world, we will provide facilities that are safe, well-maintained, comfortable, stimulating, and designed to support instructional activities and the learning process.
    • To meet diverse approaches of teaching and learning, we will create spaces that are flexible, and also available to the community for routine as well as extraordinary circumstances.
    • To promote equity by providing campuses that are a continuing source of pride in our community, we will ensure the appearance, form and function of our facilities reflect student needs rather than the neighborhood environment.
    • To inspire and engage students, we will provide teachers with the facilities and tools necessary to deliver 21st century instruction, and furnish all learning spaces with necessary equipment.
    • To meet legal and fiscal responsibilities, we will maintain transparency and ensure all construction projects are professionally planned, effectively communicated, and efficiently completed, in keeping with legal compliance guidelines.