Current Board Meeting Agenda

  • Special Board Meetings/ Workshops

    Next Special Board Meeting: November 17, 2022 at 9:30am

    Attending the Special Board Meeting 

    The November 17, 2022 Special Board Meeting will take in the Boardroom at 685 East Jack London Boulevard, Livermore, CA 94551. The Boardroom will open to the public to call the meeting to order at 9:30am, and will then adjourn to closed session. In keeping with ACPHD public health guidance, masks are not required, but strongly recommended indoors.

    Making a Public Comment at the Special Board Meeting

    At Special Board meetings, public comments may be made only to items appearing on the posted agenda. Members of the public wishing to provide public comment can do so by attending the meeting in person and submitting a BLUE comment card which will be available in the boardroom lobby prior to the start of the meeting. Completed comment cards can be submitted to Jennifer Arias, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.

    • Speakers submitting blue cards will be called on following the presentation of each agenda item.
    • Each speaker may submit one blue public comment card for each agenda item regarding which they would like to address the Board. To speak to multiple agenda items, please submit one card for each item.
    • Speakers are allowed up to 3 minutes for their comments.

November 17, 2022 Special Board Meeting Agenda

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