Welcome to Fiscal Services

  • Fiscal Services provides oversight for all financial related operations of the District and ensures that resources are effectively received, allocated, disbursed and efficiently accounted for to carry out the education and support activities of the District.

Core Values for Budget Development & Planning

  • The Governing Board of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) approves an annual budget in keeping with the Core Values set forth below and commits:  

    • To maintain fiscal solvency through sound and prudent fiscal practices and decision-making aligned to our guiding principles;  
    • To be transparent, inclusive and inform all stakeholders of our Core Values, fiscal status, and rationale for budget allocations.

    The Superintendent and staff will use the following Core Values in developing a budget to recommend to the Board of Trustees:  

    • The District budget will be developed to provide a high quality educational program, service and support to students; competitive compensation for staff; a reserve for economic uncertainty; and a plan to meet long-term obligations.  
    • The District will fund a rich and engaging educational experience that includes innovative academic core instruction and elective offerings and allows students to explore their unique personal competencies.  
    • The District budget will provide members of the LVJUSD learning community with ongoing professional development to meet the evolving and varied needs of our students and staff.  
    • The District will pursue partnerships, advocacy, grants and likely supplemental sources to maximize opportunities and resources for our students.  The District budget will account for economic and political projections, laws and mandates that affect our funding stream.
    • The District will consider the financial impact and total cost of operation including ongoing expenses of any purchase, program or initiative to ensure quality, support and sustainability.