2020-21Communication & Updates


    December 4, 2020

    Dear Livermore Families,

    This email will share information about the current Health Order, its impact on our reopening date, and our focus on continuous improvement of distance learning. Health Department Orders and press releases are linked at the end of this letter.

    Bay Area Region Health Order 

    • Effective December 7, 2020 until January 4, 2021, Alameda County is joining with other Bay Area counties in implementing the Regional Stay At Home Order. This decision was made as a preemptive measure, prior to Governor Newsom’s deadline that was based on available ICU beds.
    • In essence, this Order calls for people to stay at home as much as possible, and not to mix with people from other households, even if in small groups, and even outdoors.
    • This Order continues to allow for essential businesses to remain open and for individuals to travel to and from those businesses to meet essential needs. (By definition, schools are considered essential businesses.)
    • This Order also includes increased restrictions on restaurants, retail, and small businesses. 
    • This order allows for outdoor gatherings at places of worship.
    • This order allows for small group cohorts at schools that are already in place to remain open.

    Impact of this Order on Our Schools

    • Because small group cohorts that have been set up at our schools are designed to meet the needs of our students whose needs are greatest, they can remain open.
    • While our TK-12 Reopening Plan has been approved, since we have not officially reopened, we are not allowed to reopen until we have moved out of the Purple Tier for at least two full weeks.
    • Alameda County is not currently accepting or approving elementary or secondary school waivers.

    Focus on Improving Distance Learning

    • With the virus in its winter surge, we recognize that distance learning is our mode of instruction. We are in the process of making changes to increase instructional time with teachers and to make additional improvements as indicated by our students, staff, and parents.
    • 6,162 students, staff, and parents participated in the middle and high school thoughtexchange, which indicated the following top areas to address and modify:
      • Schedule - Wednesdays and support time should be better structured and/or utilized and synchronous class time (direct time in class online with teacher) could be increased
      • Social interaction - opportunities for students to engage with one another, even online, could be increased
      • Technology & Schoology - inconsistent internet interrupts learning, and Schoology could be used more consistently
      • Workload - many students identified excessive homework and workload
    • Detailed results of the thoughtexchange are available in this interactive report: Middle & High School Distance Learning Thoughtexchange Results. (When you click on “View” in the “Themes” section, you can read the highest rated thoughts and can see whether a student, staff member, or parent/guardian shared the thought.) 
    • Our elementary distance learning thoughtexchange is still open, and will be open through next Tuesday, 12/8. Parents and staff are encouraged to log on and rate comments already offered: LVJUSD Elementary Distance Learning Thoughtexchange.

    Even with all of the bleak information about the winter surge, we are heartened by news of the vaccine having a positive impact on our community in the near future. We wish you all the best as we navigate these next several weeks.

    Thank you,

    LVJUSD Leadership Team

    P.S. On Monday, our email contact database will be updated. You will be sent an email from Philomena Rambo with information about logging in to the Livermore Schools app so that you can view your child’s attendance. If you do not receive the email on Monday afternoon, please contact your school so that they can update your email address.


  • Alameda County Public Health Department
  • California Department of Public Health
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
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