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LVJUSD’s Annual MathCounts Competition Soars to New Heights

January 24, 2024 - Livermore, CA - The 28th annual Livermore MathCounts Competition was hosted by the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) on January 20, 2024, at Granada High School. With the participation of 188 middle school mathletes districtwide, this year’s competition included the greatest number of participants to date. “It was wonderful to see so many Livermore middle school students sharing and exhibiting a love of mathematics. Math has always been my favorite subject to teach, and I was thrilled to get to share my love of the subject with so many rising math stars,” shared Noah King, teacher on special assignment and MathCounts Coordinator.

The event featured a variety of individual and team challenges. Competition questions included mathematical concepts and standards spanning from sixth to eighth grade, ensuring a rigorous experience for even the most advanced students. Recognitions were given for individual achievements, with awards presented to the top five mathletes in the sixth grade division and the top ten mathletes in the combined 7th/8th grade division. Team accomplishments were also acknowledged, with the top three teams from each division receiving awards. Listed below are the the top finalists from each division:

Top five finalists from the grade 6 division included:

  • Jack Wood, 1st place, Mendenhall 

  • Sanjith Chidambaram, 2nd place, Mendenhall

  • Hinman Chan, 3rd place, Mendenhall

  • Vanya Chen, 4th place, Christensen

  • Hritvi Shah, 5th place, Mendenhall

Top ten finalists from the grades 7/8 division included:

  • Steven Huang, 1st place, Mendenhall

  • Minh-Ky Kawamura, 2nd place, East Avenue

  • Eugene Baker, 3rd place, Christensen

  • Kori Bui, 4th place, Mendenhall

  • Alex Van Veen, 5th place, Mendenhall

  • Abhyuth (Abe) Narayan, 6th place, Joe Michell

  • Ruth Hollingsworth, 7th place, East Avenue

  • Nathaniel King, 8th place, Joe Michell

  • Sheeksha Venkat, 9th place, Christensen

  • Deegan Harris, 10th place, Christensen

Each middle school organizes its own MathCounts program, conducting it either as a before-school or after-school club. Dedicated teachers and volunteers collaborate with students on a weekly basis, tackling intricate math equations available on the website. “We are pleased to see the continued growth of this program throughout our district. The increased participation in MathCounts illustrates how math can be both about learning and camaraderie. Students are able to strengthen their math skills and create connections and friendships with their peers,” expressed Superintendent Chris Van Schaack. 

Community members who may be interested in volunteering with LVJUSD’s MathCounts program can contact Noah King at for more information.

Photos courtesy of LVJUSD:
MathCounts Top 5 6th Grade Winners
Photo #1: 6th Grade Finalists (left to right): Jack Wood, Sanjith Chidambaram, Hinman Chan, Vanya Chen, Hritvi Shah 

MathCounts Gr 7.8 Top 10 Finalists
Photo # 2: 7th/8th Grade Finalists (left to right): Deegan Harris, Sheeksha Venkat, Nathaniel King, Ruth Hollingsworth, Abhyuth (Abe) Narayan, Alex Van Veen, Kori Bui, Eugene Baker, Minh-Ky Kawamura, Steven Huang