Negotiations Updates

August 2020 LVJUSD & LEA Negotiations Update

  • Our District and LEA bargaining teams have been working together over the summer to create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will serve as a guide for the successful reopening of schools as we begin with distance learning. The teams have come to an agreement that includes the following:

    • Safety protocols, including self-screening before working on campus, wearing a mask while on campus, and maintaining physical distancing; 
    • Ability to work on campus during distance learning, but option to work remotely;
    • Guidelines for providing remote instruction; 
    • Open House re-imagined; 
    • Additional paid Flex Professional Development day for Schoology and distance learning training; 
    • Daily prep no less than average of 75 minutes per day; 
    • Meetings, including parent conferences will be virtual; 
    • Evaluations not completed last year will need to be finished by the end of the first trimester; and 
    • Evaluations for this year shall take place with the understanding that we are all learning to navigate this new system. 

    An agreement cannot be created and managed without a great deal of work from the members on each of the bargaining teams. A big thanks goes to the members of each of the teams, all of whom have put in numerous hours to ensure that negotiation sessions are efficient, cooperative, and productive. 


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