October 5, 2020

  • October 5, 2020

    Dear Livermore Families,

    As many of you know, because Alameda County has moved into the Red Tier, the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) is beginning to accept proposals for the gradual reopening of elementary schools in Alameda County. ACOE has outlined the process to apply for hybrid reopening in the COVID-19 School Guidance document (attached to this email). The County will first review applications submitted by private schools, then by charter schools, and then by public school districts. The ACOE has indicated that the possibility of middle and high schools reopening will only be considered in subsequent months.

    As a reminder, we are continuing to support the needs of distance learning and will continue to offer distance learning as an option throughout the 2020-21 school year.

    Our Reopening Task Force is actively working on the logistics of phasing in the return of in-person learning in a hybrid format, with the dual goal of safeguarding the health of our students and staff while ensuring excellent education.

    The following items are being addressed by our Task Force and our staff so that we can submit a detailed Reopening Plan to Alameda County when we are confident that we have met all criteria:

    • Designing a detailed schedule and plan for regular employee COVID-19 testing and contact tracing
    • Developing plans for responding to and managing a COVID-19 outbreak at school sites
    • Determining cohort size - how many students and staff can be together in a classroom at a time
    • Finalizing bell schedules for hybrid learning
    • Confirming commitment from families to participate in either hybrid or distance learning so that we can finalize cohorts

    Alameda County recognizes that each school district must make its own plans on its own timeline, and that this process will happen in phases. We are committed to a thoughtful, methodical, and inclusive approach to this transition. This process will take time to be done well. We will provide you with weekly updates regarding the status of our reopening progress and planning.

    Thank you for your understanding and support,

    LVJUSD Leadership Team

    ACOE COVID-19 School Guidance