Assessment & Accountability

What is Assessment and Accountability?

  • Assessments are tools that are used to understand what students know (concepts) and what they can do (skills). Accountability is how we, as a school district, respond to that assessment data. Our goal is to help students succeed, so it is important to know what students have learned so we can then respond appropriately to help them progress in their education. This comes from a variety of assessments; informal and formal, formative and summative. It also comes from a variety of accountability responses at the district level, the site level, and within each individual classroom, and each individual student.

    For more information on our district assessment systems, CLICK HERE.

    For more information on how we are accountable for student success, CLICK HERE.


    Assessment and Accountability

What Does the Department of Assessment and Accountability Do?

  • The department of Assessment and Accountability manages three important areas:

    1. The management of our assessment data systems and support for staff in utilizing them.

    2. The coordination and management of state-required and locally-adopted assessments.

    3. Reporting the required information to government entities at the district, state, and federal level.

    Each of these three areas is in support of our district’s 13,000 students. Our department has three goals aligned to the three areas listed above:

    1. Support sites and teachers in gathering and responding to assessment data so that each student gets the instruction needed to succeed.

    2. Enable accurate and reasonable assessments so that we can know what students know and what we need to do to help them succeed.

    3. Report valid, accurate, clean data to all necessary government entities so that we can respond well to all accountability measures and engage in resources to help our students succeed.

Meet Our Team

  •   Matthew Hart           Carla Estrada-Hidalgo               Karen Grant                 Elizabeth Freitas

    Matthew Hart                                   Carla Estrada-Hidalgo                    Karen Grant                                               Elizabeth Freitas
    Director of Assessment                 ELD Coordinator                              Data Assessment Specialist                 ELPAC Testing Specialist  
    and Accountability