October 25, 2020 PSPS Communication

  • Dear LVJUSD Families, 

    Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has announced that they may be conducting Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) that may impact areas of Livermore. At this time, Livermore schools are not specifically identified for possible shutoff, but that status could change at any time.  

    We want you to know that students will not be penalized in any way if they are unable to participate in distance learning because of a power outage. 

    When we are notified in advance of an upcoming PSPS, we will communicate with you. You will receive an email and text message from your school’s principal if the school is impacted by the outage. 

    What you should plan on in the event of a power outage:

    • If power is out at the school and throughout the neighborhood, we do not expect distance learning to take place at that school. Students are encouraged to use the time to continue working on assignments, to read, to exercise, or to do other productive activities. Parents will not need to call in absences, as we will know that no one is able to attend.

    • If the power is on at school, (even if some students may not have power) learning continues as much as possible. Parents/guardians are asked to call in absences (when it is possible); absences will be excused and students can make up missed assignments.

    We are sharing power outage information with all of our principals so that they will be aware if some of their students may be experiencing an outage in a different part of town from the school’s location. 

    To keep up to date with PGE’s PSPS plans, you may want to bookmark these websites:

    LVJUSD has no control over these possible power outages but wants to ensure everyone is prepared. Please make sure that cell phones are charged to receive important updates and communications. Thank you for your ongoing support during 2020. 


    LVJUSD Leadership Team