Home Learning 20/20

  • Home Learning 20/20 is a homework practice that our District implemented starting in the 2023-24 school. Home Learning 20/20 asks elementary students and families to focus 20 minutes on reading and 20 minutes on math per night, Monday through Thursday, as research has shown that traditional homework has a limited impact on student achievement in elementary grades (Hattie, 2023; Good and Brophy, 2003; Cooper et al, 2006). The 20/20 reading and math homework is intended to be meaningful and reinforce the lessons that have already been taught in the classroom. Home Learning 20/20 will be beneficial for students and families and help to meet the needs of the ‘whole child’. With this change, there will be a healthy balance between homework and time for play and family. Our students will benefit from a predictable and manageable homework routine, and with this common approach across all elementary grade levels within a school, it will provide families with consistent homework expectations for their students.

    Additional Enrichment Resources

    In the event that you would like to have your student engage in additional educational enrichment, our District uses Symbaloo to organize a variety of educational websites and programs by grade level. Resources with opportunities for students at multiple grade levels may appear in more than one collection. 

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