• The LVJUSD Board of Education desires to provide a safe, supportive, and positive school environment conducive to student learning and prepare students for responsible citizenship by fostering self-discipline and personal responsibility. The Board believes that high expectations for student behavior, effective classroom management and parent involvement can minimize the need for discipline. Staff shall use preventative measures and positive conflict resolution techniques whenever possible. BP 5144 (a)
    Board Policy Discipline Plan

  • Suspensions/Expulsions

    The Board of Education desires to provide District students access to educational opportunities in an orderly school environment that protects their safety and security, ensures their welfare and well-being, and promotes their learning and development. The Board shall develop rules and regulations setting the standards of behavior expected of District students and the disciplinary processes and procedures for addressing violations of those standards, including suspension and/or expulsion. (cf. 5131 - Conduct) (cf. 5131.1 - Bus Conduct) (cf. 5131.2 - Bullying)

    The grounds for suspension and expulsion and the procedures for considering, recommending, and/or implementing suspension and expulsion shall be only those specified in law and the accompanying administrative regulation.
    Suspension/Expulsion Due Process
    Suspension/Expulsion Due Process- Students with Disabilities