•  Letters of Recommendation

    Private, out-of-state, scholarships or specialized programs may require a letter of recommendation. For example, most colleges on the Common Application, SENDEdu, or the Coalition Application require recommendations. CSU and UC campuses do not require or accept letter of recommendations. Check on the Common Application or in the application instructions to see how many recommendations are required or allowed.

    Students are advised to request letters of recommendation only for programs or scholarships that might require them. Submitting letters of recommendation to schools/programs who do not ask for them is not in a student's best interest. Doing so would not be following the application procedure required for a program or campus and that may not reflect well on the application.

    To request letters of recommendation, please follow the directions below:

    • Personally ask staff if they have the time and are willing to writing you a letter of recommendation.
    • If they are willing, please provide your recommenders a hard copy of your brag sheet (Click here to download the GHS Brag Sheet template).
    • Allow a MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS for your recommenders to complete your letter. 
    • Your recommenders will upload a copy of your recommendation to the Common Application or SENDEdu after you assign them as a recommender. If you need a hard copy of the letter, please let them know. 
    • Counselors will complete the Secondary School Report, in the fall and will complete the Mid-Year Report later in the year. Counselors will also submit a current transcript.

    Click here to download the GHS Brag Sheet template