The NCAA Eligibility Center has a website to help high school student-athletes successfully transition to college. The enhanced online content gives student-athletes and counselors a broad look at the initial-eligibility process and detailed information about common eligibility situations and how to register as a prospective student-athlete.

    * Students interested in playing sports in college should contact their assigned counselor to review their initial eligibility before junior year.

    For more information about NCAA, please click here.

    GHS NCAA Course List 2020-21

    Follow this link to view Granada's current NCAA course list.

    "GHS College Planning Night 2019" NCAA Presentation

    NCAA Eligibility Requirements and Resources

    *The information in this presentation may not align with current NCAA eligibility requirements due to COVID-19.  Please refer to the NCAA website for current eligibility information.

  • NAIA

    The NAIA governs college sports for colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. NAIA member schools tend to have smaller enrollment sizes, therefore personal attention is emphasized as part of the student-athlete experience. 

    The NAIA Eligibility Center website is http://www.playnaia.org for more information and to register.

NCAA Resources