Information Technology

LVJUSD Wireless Network for Guest & BYOD

  • LVJUSD-Onboarding is used to access the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District network and is restricted to authorized users and requires acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.  Once authorized, your device will be configured with a unique certificate for network access.

    Please note the following regarding Guest & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) access:

    • The District is not responsible for troubleshooting personal devices.  
    • Traffic can be monitored on the BYOD network and device access can be revoked if used inappropriately.
    • Devices not compliant with the BYOD compatibility list will not be supported.
    • Internet traffic will be filtered to block inappropriate content.  
    • Services may be blocked or limited on BYOD to ensure optimal performance for the District network.  Example: Streaming Media, Software Updates and App downloads.
    • District resources such as files and printers will not be available on the BYOD network.