Livermore High School Athletics and Aquatics Complex Project

LHS Athletic Complex Time Lapse

  • Project Scope - Increment 1

    • Demolition of the Snack Shack building.
    • Installation of underground utility lines and the building pad for the two-story gymnasium.
    • School Street and North parking areas including grading, underground utilities, paving, and landscaping.

    Project Scope - Increment 2

    • Installation of the temporary parking lot surfaces with aggregate base in the current agriculture area.  
    • Installation of the new 49,000 square foot two-story athletics complex building.
    • Installation of the new student parking lot .
    • Installation of the new "soft curve" at Cowboy Alley.
    • Demolition of the large gym and small gym buildings.
    • Installation of the 2,900 square foot aquatics building and 38 meter x25 yard pool.

    Current project status can be found on the Project Update Matrix.

  • Bond Construction Notifications