IEP Information

What is an IEP?

  • IEP stands for Individualized Education Program

    More specifically and IEP is:

    • a legal, written document describing a child's unique educational needs;
    • a written individualized plan that determines whether a child is eligible to receive special education services;
    • developed by a team including the parents who give their input about their child's strengths and needs, as well as participate in the development of annual goals and short term objectives;
    • a description of services to be delivered;
    • for all children who are eligible for special education based on assessment need; and
    • a document written with information for students 16 and older oriented towards pre-vocational/vocational issues and life skills training considered essential for transition planning (ITP).

    Understanding the IEP Process

    Chapter 2 of the Tri-Valley SELPA Parent Handbook is a great resource for understanding the IEP process. It provides detailed information about the following stages of developing and managing an IEP:

    • Referral
    • Assessment Plan
    • Assessment
    • Composition of the IEP Team
    • Development of IEP
    • Related Services
    • Signing of IEP
    • Placement, Implementation and Review of IEP
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