Abbreviations Related to Special Education

  • ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder

    ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    APE: Adaptive Physical Education

    CAC: Community Advisory Committee

    CARS: California Association of Resource Specialists

    CCR: California Code of Regulations -Title V

    CCR: Coordinated Compliance Review

    CCS: California Children Services, provides OT (Occupational Therapy), PT (Physical Therapy), Speech, and other services to children meeting eligibility criteria

    CH: Communicatively Handicapped

    CMH: County Mental Health

    Composite of Laws: California Education Code containing Special Education Laws

    CP: Cerebral Palsy

    CBI: Community-Based Instruction

    DHH: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    DIS: Designated Instruction and Services, same as related services; commonly includes OT, PT, Speech Therapy, Adaptive P.E

    ECSE: Early Childhood Special Education

    FAPE: Free Appropriate Public Education

    GATE: Gifted and Talented Education

    IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (P.L. 101-476)

    IEP: Individualized Education Program

    ITP: Individualized Transition Program

    LD: Learning Disabled

    LEP: Limited English Proficient

    LH: Learning Handicapped

    Local Plan: A legal document that describes in detail how the special education local agency will implement special education laws and regulations within its jurisdiction.


  • LRE: Least Restrictive environment

    LSH: Language, Speech, Hearing

    MH: Multi handicapped

    OH: Orthopedically Handicapped

    OHI: Other Health Impaired

    OT: Occupational Therapy

    PH: Physically Handicapped

    PT: Physical Therapy

    P.L. 94-142: Education for All Handicapped Children Act (federal law)

    RCC: Regional Coordinating Council

    Related Service: See DIS

    ROP: Regional Occupation Program

    RSP: Resource Specialist Program

    SDC: Special Day Class

    Section 504: Section of the Civil Rights Law (Rehabilitation Act of 1973) pertaining to Special Education

    SED: Seriously Emotionally Disturbed

    SELPA: Special Education Local Plan Area

    SH: Severely Handicapped

    SIP: School Improvement Program

    SLD: Specific Learning Disability

    SST: Student Study Team (same as child study team and guidance team)

    Title 5 Regulations: California regulations concerning special education laws

    VH: Visually Handicapped

    VI: Visually Impaired

    Visual Motor: The ability to coordinate vision with body movements