Transportation Services

  • Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Transportation Policy

    • Eligibility for transportation is dependent on a student’s IEP.
    • Transportation eligibility may change from year to year, per a student’s IEP.
    • Transportation is group transportation.  
    • Vehicle capacity is 9 students.
    • Please be aware your student may be on transportation up to 90 minutes each way, within Alameda County.
    • If no one is home to receive your child and the vehicle needs to return, or has to drop your child off at the District Office, you may be charged an undeliverable charge of $50.00.

    If you are eligible for transportation services and do not wish to use the provided vehicle, you have the option to transport your child to and from school and request reimbursement for the mileage. Reimbursement will cover only one round trip per day. That is, parents are reimbursed only while the student is in the vehicle. 

    Transportation forms must be completed by the parent/guardian each year and submitted to the District no later than July 13th. Late submissions will result in a delay in transportation until September 4th. Alternative transportation at the start of the school year, of up to 5-10 days, will have to be provided by parents in these cases.

    For more information or questions, please contact:

    Victoria Storti
    Senior Office Specialist, Transportation

    DeSoto Transportation