Mental Health - For Students, By Students

Culture Keepers in Action!

  • Culture Keepers Elise Goulart and Zayden Romo attended the Gen Now Town Hall event in Oakland hosted by the Born This Way Foundation, Senator Laphonza Butler, and Youth Uprising of Oakland. Youth advocates and local community leaders came together for a discussion on youth mental health. 

    Gen Now Town Hall
    Left to right: Elise Goulart, Zayden Romo, and Zach Radecke (Livermore High School Counselor, Wellness Center)

    Gen Now Town Hall
    Left to right: Senator Laphonza Butler, Elise Goulart, Zayden Romo, Cynthia Germanotta

    Culture Keeper, Autumn Johnson, created an interactive "Growth Oath" affirmation wall where students can add to the growing vines by submitting their own positive affirmations for other students to see.

    growth oath

    Growth Oath card


    Culture Keeper Michelle Manrique organized and created over 250 wellness bags for students during finals week that included a sensory item, a positive affirmation, stickers, a snack, and an origami craft. 

    Wellness Bags


    Culture Keeper, Andrew Galka, created pieces of art on canvas tied to the themes of grief, perseverance, resilience, and confidence based on quotes from various films. 

    Love Perservering

    The Best You Can

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Mental Health Tips - For Students, By Students

  • Phone Usage - by Culture Keeper Michael Maloney
    In the document below, learn about the negative effects of excessive phone use and what you can do about it.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Recognizing Loneliness - by Culture Keeper and LHS Graduate, Rachel Hendry, with the support of Horizons Family Counseling.

    How to Recognize Loneliness in a Classmate

    1. Learn the signs of loneliness and social isolation.
    2. Reach out and help.
    3. Start with "Hello".

Taking a Brave Breath for Elementary Students

  • When you're feeling worried, anxious, stressed out or scared, practicing deep breathing can help your body to relax and feel calm. Choose Love calls this taking a Brave Breath. Watch this short video to learn and practice how to take a Brave Breath. 

How To Take a Brave Breath

The Brave Breath by the LHS Culture Keepers

Rainbow Breathing for Middle and High School Students

  • Rainbow Breathing is a mindfulness tool you can use when you're feeling stressed. In Rainbow Breathing, you focus on a color of the rainbow while moving your arms in a rainbow shape and taking a deep breath.  Watch this short video to learn and practice how to do Rainbow Breathing.

Rainbow Breathing by the LHS Culture Keepers